Wycinanki Workshop (Polish papercuting)

with Sue Van Wassenhove

Thursday, April 8: 7:00–8:30pm EDT

Online via Zoom - sponsored by the FAC in collaboration with the National Folk Organization Conference

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Download the instruction and pattern sheets.

About the Workshop

If you can cut zigzags in paper, you can cut feathers for a wycinanki traditional Polish rooster paper-cutting.

The pronunciation is: vee-chee-NAHN-kee

Do fertility symbols make you nervous? Surely a Polish rooster paper-cutting couldn’t lead to pregnancy. Why not try one and find out?

Materials needed: Collect 2” x 3” (or larger) scraps of bright plain paper (from magazines, wrapping, and origami paper).

About Sue

Sue Van Wassenhove’s training as a German teacher led her to try lace-like Swiss papercuttings, called Schereschnitte, in 1988. Since then, while living in Switzerland, she studied under a master paper-cutter in Bern. It was only natural to add Polish wycinanki to her snipping.

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