Planned giving

A legacy of community: sustaining our mission for future generations

When Conny and Marianne Taylor founded the Folk Arts Center of New England in 1975, it was primarily to promote a series of participatory programs in which they taught and shared their love of traditional dance from around the world. Since then, the Folk Arts Center has expanded to include not only weekly and monthly recreational folk dances but also annual camps, music and dance workshops, and other special events.

But a list of these diverse programs doesn’t convey the vibrancy and dedication of the community that has engaged and supported them. In the decades since its founding, the Folk Arts Center’s active and devoted membership have developed into a community of colleagues and a circle of friends, bound by an interest in world cultures, traditional music, cuisine, and, above all, each other.

The greater FAC family invites you to consider how to ensure that the sustainability of community started by Conny and Marianne will continue to inspire and engage our next generation. Your contributions support the Taylors’ vision and our promise to keep strong our legacy of community.

    Planned giving options:
  • Live music initiative
  • Pinewoods Band internship
  • Special programs initiative
  • Pinewoods Next Generation Initiative
  • Conny and Marianne leadership program

Please contact FAC for more information.