In-Person and Hybrid Events

Tuesday, August 16: Folk Dancing By the Fountain, Ceilidh Night with Alex Cumming, Stephen Thomforde, and Carol Bittenson (Boston, MA)

Saturday, August 27: International Dance Workshop with Roberto Bagnoli (Concord, MA)

Saturday, August 27: Monthly Dance Party with The Goatberg Variations (Concord, MA - hybrid)

Tuesday evenings in August: Folk Dancing By the Fountain

September 30 - October 2: Boston Waltz Weekend with Ari Levitt (Concord, MA)

Dance and Music Camps

September 2-5: Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Camp (Plymouth, MA)

October 7-10: Oktoberfest at the Hulbert Center (Fairlee, VT)

  • Tour to Czech Republic 2016
    Tour to Czech Republic 2016
  • Audrey Knuth: Långdans Från Sollerön
    Audrey Knuth: Långdans Från Sollerön
  • Tom Pixton: Bodavalsen
    Tom Pixton: Bodavalsen
  • Pinewoods Band: Niška Banja
    Pinewoods Band: Niška Banja
  • Patrick Yacono: Chopin/Eleno Mome
    Patrick Yacono: Chopin/Eleno Mome
  • Lois Shapiro, pianist
    Lois Shapiro, pianist
  • Balkan Music Night 2018
    Balkan Music Night 2018
  • Sasi Ardiak at Pinewoods, 2018
  • Baykal Doğan, drum virtuoso
  • Brian Wilson plays polska tunes
  • Balkan Music Night 2019
  • Pinewoods 2015
  • Expand your mind