November 7, 2020

Bulgarian Dance Workshop

with Jaap Leegwater
and accordionist Jan Wollring

2-4pm EST

online via Zoom

Purchase Jaap's music in the Workshop Materials section of the FAC Music Shop.
Download workshop handouts:
handout (1 page)
Overview of râčenica types (4 pages)
Bulgarian regional dance styles (5 pages)
Individual dance notes and music (25 pages)

About the Workshop

“I am going to give my session an exciting twist that provides more depth. We will take an imaginary journey from South-West to North-East Bulgaria and will dance the Râčenica dance in the different styles of the country. Starting in the Rose Valley, North Bulgaria (Severnjaško), West-Bulgaria (Šopluk), Central and d South Bulgaria (Trakia & the Rhodopes) and arriving in Northeastern Bulgaria (Dobrudža) As we get more northeastward, the whole body will be more involved in the dancing, e.g.: creating clap variations and mimic references to certain crafts and professions”.

“I am honored to join the impressive list of colleagues who have taught at FAC zoom sessions before me. I look forward to being with all of you on November 7th.”

About Jaap

Jaap is known worldwide for his fun teaching and having introduced dances including Karamfil, Dobrudžanska Pandela, and Mari Marijko. He began his dance careeer in The Netherlands, where he earned one of his degrees in international folk dance, specializing in Bulgarian folk dance and choreography. Jaap studied at the State Choreographer’s school in Sofia and Plovdiv, living there for two years; he regularly returns to Bulgaria to update his studies and make new recordings.

About Jan

Accompanying Jaap will be accordionist Jan Wollring. Jan was the regular accompanist of Bulgarian singer Galina Durmushliyska during the years she lived in the Netherlands.

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