Scandinavian Sundays

Music and dancing, 1:30–5 pm on selected Sundays

Park Avenue Congregational Church parish hall, 50 Paul Revere Road at Park Avenue, Arlington Heights, Arlington, Massachusetts

January 20, 2019

Our musicians’ workshop for all instruments begins at 1:30 pm with Bruce Sagan teaching a tune suitable for Åtabakspolska; Bruce will invite the students to play with him for the dance teaching. The dance workshop, starting at 2:30 pm, presents Laura Stern and Tom Roby teaching Åtabakspolska från Föllinge in Jämtland. A slower dance done to some gorgeous tunes, it rewards careful attention to technique and has become one of the most popular dances at Scandi events around the world. Prior knowledge of the dance is not required, and the teaching will include details to make it better for dancers at all levels. After the workshops, the open dancing and requests session runs from 3:45 until 5 or 5:30pm, with music by Bruce, Marilyn Butler, and Matt Fichtenbaum.

  • Admission $12
  • FAC members $10
  • Young adults $6

The Folk Arts Center and Scandia Boston present the “Scandinavian Sundays” participatory dance series featuring music and dance from Sweden and Norway. Dances are held once or twice a month on Sunday afternoons, presenting workshops for musicians and dancers and open dancing to live music. The series offers a wide variety of couple turning dances: Hambo, reinlender/schottis, waltz, various polkas, pols, and polskas. Beginners are encouraged; it’s not necessary to attend with a partner; all genders are welcome!

Your donations to the refreshment table are much appreciated. To protect the hall’s wooden floor, please change from street shoes to clean shoes before dancing. To make turning easier, leather-soled dance shoes or other shoes that slide easily are recommended. For the comfort and well-being of all our dancers, especially those with allergies or asthma, please do not wear perfume or fragranced personal products. Thank you!