November 18, 2021

The Entwining of Bobbin Lace and Dance

with Sally Jenkins

7–8:30pm EST

online via Zoom

$10 is suggested but any amount is appreciated

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About the Presentation

Sally will give a narrated, lively demonstration of how bobbin lace works using her large lace pillow made of pegboard with neon-colored twine (so it is very visible and large). She will tell stories about the connections she has enjoyed between her dance and experiences and her lace making. She will share her journey with us via pictures, videos, and narration.

Download resources from this presentation.

About Sally

Sally has been dancing since 1998, and enjoys all matter of styles, be it International, contras and squares, or English Country Dancing. In 2006 she began studying to be a caller with the goal to begin a community and family dance. She is a regular attendee at the Pourparler, an annual gathering of North American dance and music educators dedicated to teaching dance in schools and community events.

As often happens in life, not long after Sally began a family dance series, she was persuaded to attand a lacemakers’ event. There was a display called a “try-it pillow” where she was coached through creating a few rows of bobbin lace herself, after which she immediately signed up for the beginners’ class that started the next Tuesday!

That was in 2007. Since then Sally has continued to dance and to make lace, and she delights in the moments when the two hobbies intersect.

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