International Sessions at Pinewoods Camp

2022 Covid Policy

Pinewoods Camp, Inc and the Folk Arts Center of New England
Covid-19 Protocols and Precautions
Summer 2022

updated: May 26, 2022

Pinewoods Camp, Inc is opening for the summer 2022 season, and the Folk Arts Center of New England is enthusiastically planning the four sessions that we hold between early June and Labor Day Weekend. Both organizations are looking forward to another season of music, dance, song, and community, and we are committed to creating a safe environment to the fullest extent possible.

In addition to the local, state, and federal guidelines, PCI, FAC, and CDS-BC are implementing the following protocols and precautions in regards to Covid-19.


  • All campers and staff must be vaccinated, and boosted (if eligible).
  • Youths (under age 5) must be vaccinated to the fullest extent possible. Please note, if a vaccine does not become available, youths under the age of 5 are required to test on an every other day basis while at camp.
  • Infants (under the age of 6 months) will also need to test on an every other day basis.

Testing Requirements

  • Campers are required to bring a minimum of two tests for sessions lasting five days or less.
  • Campers and staff should self-test with an antigen test within three hours of arriving at camp, or at the Greeting Shed upon arrival at camp. Same-day third party tests are also accepted, for example: CVS Minute Clinic, Urgent Care, etc.
  • Additional testing may be implemented due to increased Covid-19 transmission levels or emergence of a more severe variant.

Positive Covid Cases

PCI and FAC are committed to taking necessary precautions to create a safe environment this summer. However, despite best efforts, campers and staff may test positive for Covid-19 while at camp, in which case, the following steps will be taken:

  • Symptomatic individuals will be asked to quarantine in their cabin and self test with a rapid antigen test.
  • Individuals with a positive result will be asked to:
    --Return home if they have transportation and are able to safely drive.
    --If the individual is unable to leave, quarantine (in accordance with CDC guidelines) in a suitable location. PCI and FAC will help in determining where a positive-testing camper can quarantine.
  • Should campers and/or staff test positive for Covid-19, members of the PCI and FAC Executive Committees will confer with public health officials to determine if the current session should be suspended.
  • Individuals who test positive at arrival, along with any travel companions who have been unmasked in the same car with them, will not be permitted into camp.
  • Individuals who test positive and do not display any COVID-19 symptoms may return to camp after receiving a negative PCR test.


  • A limited number of test kits will be available for purchase in the Pinewoods camp office.
  • In the two weeks prior to arriving at Pinewoods, PCI kindly asks incoming campers and staff to wear masks in indoor public areas.

Please note that the Covid environment is fluid and continuously evolving; these guidelines may change before and during the camp season.

If you have any questions about the Covid policy, contact the FAC offices: by email or call 781-438-4387.