Saturday, April 17: Greek Dance Workshop with Kyriakos Moisidis

Sunday April 18: Cut a Rug with Marcie Van Cleave

Thursday, April 22: When Spring Comes to Romania with Dorina Nimigean

Saturday, May 1: Hawaiian Dances and Culture Workshop with Kawika Alfiche

Thursday, May 6: Cook and Kibitz with Barbara Model

Saturday, May 15: Dance and Music of the Balkans with Alex Marković

Thursday, May 20: Bulgarian Center of New England

Saturday, May 22: Déjà Vu Review with Caspar, Kyriakos, Kawika, and Alex

Thursday, June 3: Uzbek Petroglyphs with Ann Schunior

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September 9 - 19, 2021: 2021 Czech Tour: visit the Czech Republic, and parts of Poland and Slovakia

Please help us to preserve the richness of the world’s folklore by supporting the Folk Arts Center.

  • Brian and Tom play this cheery Macedonian song
  • Next FAC Czech Republic Tour: September 9-19, 2021
  • “Femtolen” played by Brian Wilson
  • Baykal Doğan, Turkish drum virtuoso
  • Gabriele Coltri & Rosa Campisi, June 2020
  • Pinewoods 2015
  • -->
  • Tour to Czech Republic 2016
    Tour to Czech Republic 2016
  • Audrey Knuth: Långdans Från Sollerön
    Audrey Knuth: Långdans Från Sollerön
  • Patrick Yacono: Chopin/Eleno Mome
    Patrick Yacono: Chopin/Eleno Mome
  • Balkan Music Night 2019
  • Pinewoods 2015
  • Sense of community
  • We found a village.
  • Expand your mind